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Thunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper
Extracts from Adam Hart-Davis's book.
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DHD Photo Gallery---The Photo Lav NATO soldiers today are guided by STANAG 2982 on Essential Field Sanitary Requirements (STANAG is a STANdardization AGreement), which is long enough to provide latrine paper for a battalion! A typical helpful tip:
Field sanitary appliances must be of simple design, and easily built from materials which are readily available. It is an error to predicate a method upon the salvage of a particular supply item furnishing material.

During the Gulf War of 1991 latrines took the form of steel bins lined with plastic bags, which were removed twice a day and incinerated. Separate latrines were provided for females.

See also army, SAS.

New Zealand
At the end of the eighteenth century, according to Captain Cook, the New Zealanders had a privy for every three or four houses, which was a lot more than there were in London! The Maori word for lavatory is whare-iti, meaning "the small house."

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