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You may have seen me as the presenter of the show ``Local Heroes,'' on the BBC. Read all about my heroes in my book ``The Local Heroes Book of British Ingenuity,'' Sutton, 1997, ISBN 0750914734 (buy it from Amazon). You might like to see some of my Heroes of Science and Technology on-line, especially my well-visited page on Thomas Crapper and how he sadly did not invent the WC, though he was a plumber of repute.

I am pleased to say that Mr Crapper's firm has been revived and has a Web site!

You may have seen my lavatorial extravaganza, Thunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper ``Thunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper,'' which is out in paperback (Micheal O'Mara Books, ISBN 1-85479-250-4, hardback 1-85479-245-8, or in the US, ISBN 1570760810 from Amazon). I have some `extracts' on-line for your delight. I shall be adding to the material from time-to-time; or buy the book and get it all now! You can see some of the illustrations from book in my Photo Lavoratory.

You might like to look at another recent book of mine, Test Your Psychic Powers ``Test Your Psychic Powers.'' I wrote it with Susan Blackmore and we encourage readers to try their hand at testing for the existence of telepathy, whether or not crystals have special powers and how dowsing works, amongst other topics. (Thorsons, 1995, ISBN 1-85538-441-8, or ISBN 0806996692 (Amazon).)

I have contributed many of my second-best photos, Thumbnail free for personal and commercial use, to the DHD Multimedia Gallery.

Many of my photos are on a scientific theme, and you can contact the Science Photo Library (SPL) in London by email or 'phone +44 (0) 020 7432 1100 to get hold of them.

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