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Thunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper
Extracts from Adam Hart-Davis's book.
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DHD Photo Gallery---BOGWASH Throughout the UK there have been requests from Muslims to reorient their loos. The problem is that to face Mecca while using the lavatory breaches the Islamic code of personal conduct, and many council houses were built a long time ago, when the Asian cummunity was small.

Mirror, mirror
In 1990, the downstairs lavatory of Uri Geller's mansion Sonning Court had all four walls and the ceiling covered with mirrors and gold; so visitors could sit and reflect ad infinitum.

Moist Toilet Tissue
Moist toilet tissue appeared during the 1990s in supermarkets and chemists in Britain. Using it is like washing yourself with a cool wet scented flannel, and it leaves you feeling a bit damp---but perhaps it cleans well.

The fluid ingredients of one such product are water, propylene glycol, polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, cetrimonium bromide, and seven other compounds, but then it is "lightly fragranced," and has been "dermatologically tested," according to the packet, which also says "The tissue is thick and soft for effective, gentle cleansing. It leaves you feeling really fresh. Use it after dry toilet tissue." This last instruction is rather surprising, since it leaves you feeling damp enough to think seriously about using dry tissue afterwards!

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